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Custom Patch Bays

Custom Patch Bays for recording studios, broadcast audio, OB trucks, theatres and anything in between is where Ordio Cables can assist. Almost any piece of pro audio / video equipment born with rack ears is typically housed in a dedicated 19 inch rack. The common frustration that comes with this fixed territory is not being able to quickly access the rear arteries of a system rack. Having quick, clean easy front facing access to the most commonly used connections to often an airtight audio visual system is invaluable.

Our Custom Patch Bays are built with the engineer in mind catering for the overly complex number of inputs, outputs and through connections. We offer what we like to call the ‘cockpit’ of connectivity covering all aspects of signal routing, signal splitting,  send / return and custom labelling options. Our Custom Patch Bays offer logical signal layouts adding intelligent functionality to any small to large audio / visual or IT communications system.

We also offer the globally recognised resistor colour coding labelling for uniformed ID marking. With our years of first hand experience freelancing to AV Integration companies we know all too well what level of future proofing thought needs to be addressed for every unique rack mounting application. Using nothing but the highest quality components from Neutrik and Switchcraft no Custom Patch Bay will ever leave our workshop without being fully fit for the tasks at hand. Talk to Ordio Cables today about what we can do to simplify your Custom Patch Bay needs. 

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