Acoustic Wall Art provides beautiful artwork with acoustic treatment properties.

Welcome to Ordio Acoustic Art, the home of quality acoustic wall treatment panels made to reduce noise in your living room, cafe, kindergarten, gymnasium, studio or office. Personalise your new quiet space with our extensive range of beautiful images or simply design your own.

Acoustic Wall Art by Ordio acoustic Art

Ordio Acoustic Art, a division of Ordio Productions established in 2002, specialises in acoustic management, sound production, broadcast cable termination, and our latest endeavor, Acoustic Art. Proudly Australian-owned and operated, our versatile technical team has garnered recognition for its diverse skill set, cultivated through close collaborations with architects, designers, photographers, and manufacturers.

Driven by this rich experience, we’ve combined our love for photography with acoustic solutions to introduce our premium Ordio Acoustic Art range. Our panels effectively address internal reflections stemming from modern building layouts and challenging furnishings, catering to today’s adventurous interior design trends. With Ordio Acoustic Art, you’ll discover a myriad of design possibilities, from a vast selection of license-free images to fully customisable bespoke designs. Acoustic Art stands as the ultimate solution for spaces plagued by unwanted reverberations, echoes, and noise.

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Acoustic Wall Treatment
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Acoustic Wall Treatment
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Acoustic Wall Art Frequently Asked Questions

Our acoustic art panels are the ideal solution to the most common noisy, reflective and troubled lively rooms. Please read through our frequently asked questions to help you with your application.

All of our acoustic art panels are manufactured by Autex Australia, proudly made right here in Sydney, Melbourne & Queensland. The images we offer from our standard range of acoustic panels are also locally captured by Sydney based independent photographers.

No, we are a design and supply only operation. Our acoustic art panels are very easy to self install or can be installed by any handyman confident in working with general power tools, contact adhesives, a caulking or sausage gun and a spirit level.

If not, we believe that almost anyone who can hang a picture frame on a wall that has the ability to make any DIY projects look neat and tidy will be able to successfully install our acoustic art panels. All tooling required to wall mount our acoustic art panels can be sourced from any typical hardware store.

We can supply you with the industry standard adhesive products (highly recommended), or you source you own.

NOTE: If you are going to use third party adhesive products please be aware that they must meet the industry standards for this type of application. You will need to carefully consider the GSM weight of our acoustic art panels, the substrate that they are being mounted to and the environment of which they are in.

If these critical guidelines are not met you may run the risk of not only avoiding the manufacturer’s warranty of the panels but you could also be legally liable in the event of a panel coming off the wall causing harm or death to anyone.

If you are based in Sydney we can certainly assist by referring you to a handful of reputable installers who have worked with us in the past.

Depending on their availability at the time, they can come out to see you and quote you separately for the work required.

All of the images we offer are directly printed onto each panel by commercial grade wide format printers, including those that you supply. The photos, artwork, graphic designs or digitised drawings for example are not wrapped or transferred via heat. 

The acoustic art panels will naturally absorb a small amount of the ink, this can reduce some of the vibrancy and colours from the original photo.

Much like the variations with printing on any type of paper or canvas, the pre-press process needs to be done right for the best outcome possible. 

Our acoustic art panels come in two thicknesses: 12mm & 24mm, both offering variations in their NRC ratings depending on the installation method.

See below for the typical NRC rating per panel type. 

Acoustic Art 12mm Cube Panel

  • NRC 0.45
  • NRC 0.70 (with 25mm air gap)


Acoustic Art 24mm Cube Panel

  • NRC 0.70
  • NRC 0.80 (with 25mm air gap)


Absorption Coefficient According to ISO 354 University of Auckland Testing Service.

  • Cube (12 mm) – Test No. T0712-3
  • Cube (12 mm with 25 mm air gap) – Test No. T0712-6
  • Cube (24 mm) – Test No. T1961-1
  • Cube (24 mm with 25 mm air gap) – Test No. T1326-2


Please either download the individual product specification documents available on each product page or download the sample pack ZIP file from the link below that includes all of the documents. 

Sample Pack Link

Absolutely, there are almost no limitations with what can be created using our acoustic art panels.

We can offer custom colours, custom panel shapes and sizes as long as they meet the requirements of the wide format printers.

The type of commercial printers we use are very sensitive and rather costly to operate. Note: We are limited with the length of any custom design as each panel can be longer than 2.7 metres and no thicker than 24mm.

Best you talk to us in depth about your unique design and provide us with as much detail as possible so we can supply you with a custom quote.

Certainly not, all of our acoustic art panels are for internal use only. We strongly advise that you download all of the product information and take some time out to read through each PDF document.

We work directly with Autex Australia to provide our customers with the very best product all backed up with our outstanding customer service.

Please feel free to download our sample pack of documents from the link below. The link will download a ZIP file with all of the PDFs inside the main folder.

Sample Pack Link

Acoustic Wall Art General Advice

Consider exactly what the room in question is being used for and how much time will you be spending within it, and will you be happy with the image(s) on your walls for some time to come. 

If you can’t hear yourself think or have trouble catching every word the person next to you is saying, the room in question is clearly problematic.

The importance of acoustic treatment is governed by the purpose of the room. In a typical learning environment from kindergarten all the way through to university, speech intelligibility or (speech clarity) is absolutely critical.

Professional recording studios, mastering and postproduction suites simply cannot operate without sufficient acoustic treatment. 

An expensive investment such as a dedicated home theatre, music room or entertaining space don’t often have any acoustic treatment in mind whilst planning and building them.

It is very common that the acoustic issues start to become noticeable and increase in concern once the space starts to be occupied. An after thought it may be, you won’t believe how many times we hear out clients say, ‘Oh, we didn’t even think about acoustics’ throughout the designing and building process. 

We are in the business of acoustic treatment solutions daily and we can certainly vouch for the number of times our customers have come back to us singing our praises after we have helped them solve their acoustic issues.

Acoustic treatment is something that most people don’t think they need until they do. So why not take the opportunity to make the living or working space you reside in not only the very best it can be but make it so much more enjoyable to spend time in. Liven up the walls with our stunning acoustic wall art panels or design your own. 

Whether you are renting or leasing, you typically have an obligation to not make permanent decisions to the property throughout your lease agreement. 

If you do however, the reversal process of such actions can be very costly in order to ‘Makegood’ of the property and meet the expectations of the landlord. 

There are ways that you can still benefit from installing our acoustic art panels without having to tear the walls down just to remove the fixed panels.

Typically speaking, a solid direct glue fix to any wall will be the most obvious and preferred method of securing the panel to the any wall or clean, flat surface. 

However, there are ways around this by mounting the acoustic panels to a thinner substrate then affixing the panel to the wall using screws, or other temporary fixing methods.

Talk to us about your specific requirements, we will work closely with you to minimise the impact on your leased or owned property from installing our acoustic art panels.  

If our stunning catalogue of locally captured images has motivated you to madly go through your entire photo library and create your personalised acoustic art panels, then we are truly honoured that we have inspired you. 

Before you get carried away with sending us photos directly from your smartphone, there are some fundamental things to be aware of first. 

Anything less than (for example) an iPhone 6 image at full resolution may not turn out that great if printed onto our full sized 2.7m x 1.2m acoustic panel.

An image of this size would be ok for our 1.2m x 1.2m panel in portrait orientation yet all this is also dependent on the quality of the image file, and if the image needs to be cropped to suit the panel. 

We also need to ensure that any image or artwork file we print is your own personal image and not any copyright infringement. 

Without going into every technical requirement of the setup process in our general advice section, we do need to ensure that you are well informed in order to meet your expectations. 

Please firstly fill out the Custom Print form via the link below and we can start the conversation on using your own images to create your ideal acoustic art panels. 

Custom Print Link

Ordio Art acoustic panels are supplied in their raw format. This means that the panels are precision cut to be a neat 2.4m x 1.2m panel with very flat, clean edges.

Although edging or framing is not required, we do offer a number of edging solutions should you wish to frame each panel.

Keep in mind that this method adds to the cost and is only cost effective if you are planing on installing more than 10x full size panels due to the MOQ requirements with purchasing the edging strips. 

Please choose wisely with any purchase through Ordio Art. Every order is custom made with the understanding that we simply cannot offer exchanges, refunds or returns.  

We don’t carry any stock therefore we need to adhere to the no return, no exchange and no refund policies with our suppliers. 

The only time one has the opportunity to change their mind would be if the order has not yet gone to print.

We wish we could be more flexible and maybe one day we will carry stocked items of our existing catalogued printed panels, but like most custom made products, the one you choose is the one you shall keep. 

We offer a limited range of free product samples. Our acoustic art samples are from a selected range of our licensee free images printed onto various sized test panels. 

Sadly, due to the costs involved in the printing setup, we cannot offer free samples of supplied images, nor can you request a particular sample panel from our catalogued images. 

If you are interested in receiving a free acoustic art sample, please contact us via our contact page and we will send you what we have available at the time of your request. 

HINT: Customers who post their free sample randomly placed in the room in question on their FaceBook/Instagram page will receive a 15% discount off their first order. 

Use your own image on our acoustic solutions

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