Acoustics Treatment Solutions

Acoustic Treatment is often incorporated into the design and construction of a new or refurbished building. Occasionally, acoustic insulation materials are placed inside wall cavities and false ceilings. In many cases, additional interior treatment is required. Our range of Autex products can be used in almost any industry and application. See below for a shortlist of the most common spaces where Autex acoustic products are widely utilised. Radio stations, recording studios, post-production suites | Bedrooms, lounge rooms, home theatres, garages | Gyms, cafes, restaurants, retail shops, public spaces | Classrooms, libraries, auditoriums, places of worship | Offices, meeting, conferencing and interview rooms.

Ordio Acoustics

Ordio Acoustics is one of Australia’s leading online suppliers of interior Acoustic Treatment products. We are proudly Australian owned and operated. As an online business only we focus on delivering quality materials at competitive prices backed up with our excellent customer service. We work exclusively with Autex Industries to provide world-class acoustic solutions directly to end-users, design & construct companies, interior designers, installers and resellers. In NSW we are a trusted vendor for the ED-Connect program.

Our team have extensive experience in sound production, technical operation, sales and installation. As a long term authorised dealer of Autex Quietspace products we are forever grateful for our respected position in this industry. We take great pride in representing the brands we promote. Many of our loyal customers have been with us for ten years or more. Our consistency and ability to react quickly is what keeps them coming back. Ordio Acoustics are highly regarded as the number one supplier of Autex acoustics since 2011.

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