Our Showrooms

Our three showrooms in Taren Point will be ready very soon as we put the finishing touches on all three, and will be the only place in Sydney to audition and buy ATC Pro Studio Monitors. We have the ATC SCS70 Pro Subwoofer, ATC SCM20ASL Pro, ATC SCM45A Pro, ATC SCM50ASL Pro and ATC SCM110ASL Pro studio monitors on display and available for audition in acoustically treated sound rooms. Contact us to arrange your audition.

Showroom 1 (Opening Soon!)

‘The Studio’

Showroom 1 serves as our flagship ‘studio-based’ showroom, boasting a comprehensive collection of top-notch studio hardware for recording and mixing. Featuring brands like Rupert Neve, SPL, Manley, Solid State Logic, Empirical Labs, Universal Audio, and ATC, this acoustically treated space offers hands-on demonstrations of our full inventory.

We offer an extensive selection of vocal, drum, and guitar stems for your experimentation with our range of compressors and equalizers. Additionally, we provide top-tier microphones for testing our microphone preamplifiers and channel strips. As the bigger showroom, we showcase two of the larger ATC Studio Monitors: the ATC SCM50ASL and the ATC SCM110ASL, alongside the ATC SCS70 Sub-Woofer. Nowhere else in Australia can you encounter such top-tier equipment in an Autex Acoustically treated space quite like ours.

Call or email to arrange a demonstration today!

Gear Available in Showroom 1

‘The Mastering Suite’

Showroom 2 serves as our Mastering Suite, showcasing a selection of top-tier high-end audio equipment for crafting exceptional analogue masters. Explore offerings from renowned brands such as SPL, Rupert Neve, Manley, and, of course, ATC monitors. Our mastering suite boasts full Autex Acoustic Treatment across all walls, complemented by strategically placed bass traps at the rear of the room, ensuring optimal sound reproduction for the ATC SCM45 Studio Monitors. We have a variety of pre-mastered songs available for you to test any of our high-end mastering equipment, or you’re welcome to bring your own tracks for testing.

Gear Available in Showroom 2

‘The Acoustics Room’

Showroom 3 at Ordio Technologies is exclusively dedicated to presenting the remarkable ATC SCM20ASL Studio Monitors, linked to a Grace Design M905 Monitor Controller in a meticulously treated acoustic setting. The sound is sourced through a Yamaha Music Streamer, guaranteeing lossless audio streaming, and offering a wide array of music content for your selection. Plush leather lounges are available for a comfortable and relaxed audition of these outstanding speakers. The room itself has been fully treated with Autex Acoustics on all walls.

Gear Available in Showroom 3

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