True Analogue Mastering, Stem Mastering and DDP File Creation

Ordio Mastering operates as a fully analogue post-production mastering suite, steering clear of plug-ins, artificial intelligence, digital processors, or presets in crafting your music’s final touches. Situated in Taren Point, Sydney, our purpose-built studio boasts classic analogue components and an unparalleled ATC monitoring system, ensuring your masters resonate across all playback setups. Every cable at Ordio is hand-wired with the utmost care using top-tier materials.

Ordio Mastering

Our studio is meticulously balanced acoustically, providing an exceptionally precise listening environment. Our seasoned audio engineers excel in recording, mixing, restoration, and both digital and analogue mastering. No project is too small, no challenge too daunting for us. Our aim is to deliver masters imbued with warmth, naturalness, and a distinct analogue character. Services at Ordio encompass Stereo and Stem Mastering, alongside RedBook-compatible DDPi Master File Creation, in compliance with the ‘Mastered for iTunes’ standards.

Renowned for our versatility across all music genres, we’re celebrated for our creative touch in this pivotal yet definitive phase of the recording process. Our rates are competitive, and our loyal clientele speaks volumes about our craftsmanship. If you seek to infuse your debut or upcoming release with the timeless warmth of analogue, coupled with the clarity of digital, we’d be thrilled to collaborate with you.

Mastering Testimonials

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