DDP Master File Creation

DDP Master File Creation

DDP Master File Creation

DDP stands for Disc Description Protocol, the (i) stands for Image. We refer to it as the DDP Master File Creation. It is the preferred manufacturing format deliverable via the Internet.

Traditionally the DDP Master File was copied to a DVD data disc or flash drive and then sent directly to the CD manufacturing plant for commercial duplication. Since 2002 we have focused heavily on this very important stage of the mastering process.

So many times we are asked to fix or rebuild a poorly created DDP, and there are a number of mandatory requirements needed in order to create an internationally excepted DDP File.

If any of the required fields are not entered or entered in error will result in an unreadable DDP Image that can substantially delay the CD duplication production schedule.


  • Price is per DDP project file
  • Includes DDP creation, PQ Sheet, and CD reference file in WAV format.
  • Includes digital delivery to client and CD manufacturer
  • Excludes archiving, DVD backup or HD local storage


$200 Inc GST

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