Beyerdynamic M 130 Microphone

The Beyerdynamic M 130 Microphone is a Dynamic double-ribbon microphone with a figure-eight polar pattern, ideal for instrument recording.

Beyerdynamic M 130 Microphone

Similar to the M 160, the Beyerdynamic M 130 dynamic double-ribbon microphone is exceptional in terms of production and sound. This classic microphone has been intricately hand-made at the company headquarters in Heilbronn, Germany, since 1957. Thanks to the globally unique double-ribbon system and naturally intricate sound recording, the M 130 continues to set standards to this day.

  • Unique double-ribbon microphone (figure-eight)
  • Ideal for stereo, ambience and instrument recordings
  • Excellent at suppressing sound from the sides
  • Extraordinary sound character
  • Handmade in Germany


Depending on its positioning and spatial situation, the dynamic double-ribbon Beyerdynamic M 130 can be used to record drums, electric guitar amps, pianos, acoustic guitars, orchestras, choirs or room ambience. Thanks to its broad and balanced frequency response of 40–18.000 Hz, the M 130 offers impressive natural, authentic sound. Its high impulse fidelity is achieved thanks to the low mass of the two pure aluminium ribbons. The M 130, which has a figure-eight polar pattern, is also the perfect choice when sound from the sides needs to be blocked when recording.

The figure-eight polar pattern of the Beyerdynamic M 130 makes it ideal for stereo recording. For example, two M 130 can be used to create a Blumlein pair for superb-sounding room ambience recording.

The Beyerdynamic M 130 can be used with another hypercardioid or supercardioid microphone such as the dynamic double-ribbon M 160 or the MC 950 true-condenser microphone for M/S recording. The combination of two double-ribbon microphones with a hypercardioid or figure-eight polar pattern is unique on the market and offered only by beyerdynamic.

Microphones with a figure-eight polar pattern record signals equally well from the front and back of the microphone. This means that they demonstrate superb off-axis behaviour and block out signals from the sides (at 90° and 270°). Compared to double-ribbon microphones that imitate a figure of eight by using two capsules, real figure-eight capsules such as that of the Beyerdynamic M 130 have exceptionally high sound and frequency stability.

With a length of 12.8 centimetres and weight of 150 grams, the Beyerdynamic M 130 can undoubtably be called compact and lightweight. This makes it quick and easy to position in any situation. Used predominantly in the studio, the M 130 is extraordinarily robust for a ribbon microphone. This classic microphone now comes safely stored in a sturdy hard case.

The Beyerdynamic M 130 and M 160 set new standards for microphones “Made in Germany”. During the production process, two hand-stamped wafer-thin pure aluminium ribbons (0.003 mm thick) are inserted into a magnet gap that is only a few millimetres wide. The space between the two ribbons is just 0.5 mm. Because this job requires extreme dexterity, there are currently only a few employees able to build this microphone.

In addition, sound-relevant components such as the triple-layered microphone grille are handmade. All of this is reflected in its excellent quality. Every microphone is a masterpiece thanks to exacting precision “Made in Germany”.

Because each one is intricately handmade, each Beyerdynamic M 130 is unique. We even go one step further and individually measure each and every microphone. A print-out of the measurement curve is included with your purchased Beyerdynamic M 130.

Our microphones are designed for daily use in professional conditions, which is why only durable materials are used in their construction. If the microphone nevertheless gets damaged, our service policy means that we can replace almost every part.


  • Transducer Type Double-ribbon
  • Polar Pattern Figure-of-eight
  • Microphone Frequency Response 40 – 18,000 Hz
  • Connection Type XLR 3-pin

User Manual

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