Autex Quietspace Nude Panel 25mm

Autex Quietspace Nude Panel 25mm

Discover the unparalleled sound absorption and innovative design of Autex Quietspace Nude Panel 25mm. Engineered to revolutionize acoustic solutions in wall and ceiling applications. Leading the industry with exceptional sound absorption capabilities, these panels offer limitless installation possibilities while maintaining a sleek and modern aesthetic.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, Quietspace Nude Panel 25mm allows for the recreation of any image or design, transforming spaces into unique acoustic masterpieces. As Sydney’s fastest-growing preferred supplier of Quietspace acoustic products, Ordio Acoustics provides unmatched expertise and support to clients nationwide, offering competitive pricing and professional guidance.

Lightweight, semi-rigid, and impact-resistant, each Quietspace Nude Panel 25mm offers durability without compromising on performance. Unlike traditional fabric-wrapped frames, these panels break boundaries and open up new design horizons while achieving exceptional sound absorption levels.

Supplied in sheet form, Quietspace Nude Panel 25mm can be easily customized and framed on-site, eliminating concerns about on-site variations in wall size and shape. Manufactured from 100% recyclable polyester and containing a minimum of 60% post-consumer recycled material (PET bottle-flake), these panels align with Autex’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Elevate your space with Autex Quietspace Nude Panel 25mm, where superior sound absorption meets unmatched design flexibility.

Autex Quietspace Nude Panel 25mm Acoustic Performance

Autex Quietspace Nude Panel 25mm Panel is is specifically designed to reduce and control reverberated noise and echo in building interiors. Minimum Noise Reduction Coefficient 0.85.

Absorption Coefficient according to ISO 354 University of Auckland Testing Service

  • Autex Quietspace Nude Panel 25mm – test no. T0712-18
  • Autex Quietspace Nude Panel 50mm – test no. T1228-8
  • Autex Quietspace Nude Panel 75mm – test no. T1905-4
  • Autex Quietspace Nude Panel 100mm – test no. T1905-5

Autex Quietspace Nude Panel 25mm Applications

  • Refined acoustic surface for framed modular office partition panelling
  • Can be direct fixed to ceilings and walls as a functional and decorative acoustic panel
  • Sophisticated, high-performance acoustic panel for sound control in interior spaces

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Autex Quietspace Nude Panel 25mm Colour Options

Nude Black
Nude Black
Nude Grey
Nude Grey
Nude White
Nude White

Disclaimer: The colors displayed on this website have been provided by Autex for reference purposes only. Please note that these colors are intended as a guide and may not accurately represent the true color. For a more precise depiction of color, we recommend requesting a color swatch.


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  • Product Name: Quietspace® Panel
  • Composition: 100% Polyester Fibre (PET)
  • Panel Dimensions: 1200 mm x 2400 mm
  • Tolerance: (+ 5 mm) x (+ 10 mm)
  • Light reflectance: White Quietspace Panel is suitable for indoor use only and has a light reflectance value of 83 (measured in accordance with BS 8493:2008+A1:2010).
  • Thermal performance: (Internally tested by Autex Lab) 25 mm: R0.6 (@23°C) 50 mm: R1.4 (@23°C) 75 mm: R1.9 (@23°C) 100 mm: R2.4 (@23°C)

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