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Native Holly Acoustic Panel

Native Holly Acoustic Panel

Native Holly Acoustic Panel provides superior sound absorption reducing echo and reverberation within a room.

Acoustic panels, tiles and fabrics are the most commonly used methods in sound treatment. However, many off-the-shelf products can compromise the aesthetics and clash with your decor.

Ordio Art printable acoustic panels are made by Australia’s leading acoustic manufacturer, Autex Acoustics. All of our acoustic wall art panels are made from recycled materials. Made in Australia, we are proud to support our economy and create local jobs and opportunities.

Native Holly photograph has been supplied to Ordio Art by Ben Wever Photography. Printed directly onto a 12mm thick, 2.4m x 1.2m Autex Cube panel our acoustic treatment solutions are the most stylish available.

Cube™ is a versatile acoustic panel designed for a variety of interior wall or ceiling sound treatment applications.

Ordio Art acoustic panels are supplied in their raw format whereby edging is not required. However, we do offer a number of edging solutions should you wish to frame each panel.

Native Holly Acoustic Panel is an original image licensed to Ordio Art. All of the artwork, photographs and illustrations we offer across our range of Acoustic Wall Art panels are under a print-only distribution agreement.

The copyright of the images or artwork we distribute across our acoustic panels will always remain the property of the artist, photographer or illustrator.

All of the licensed images we offer are printed directly onto a matte white acoustic panel known as ‘Pavilion’. We can also print any of our licensed photos or bespoke artwork onto a coloured panel to create a different effect.

We advise that there should be a minimum number of acoustic panels installed in order to achieve an adequate amount of sound absorption.

If your room only allows for wall treatment to be installed, we suggest a minimum coverage of 30-40% of each wall. If only two of the four walls are available for wall treatment, we suggest that you aim to cover 50-80% of each wall.

Regardless of your space, each room will have its own challenges such as hard/reflective surfaces, parallel walls, high ceilings and rigid furnishings. Before you invest in our premium printed acoustic panels please contact our sales staff for help.

Native Holly Acoustic Panel can simply be glued straight to any clean, sturdy internal substrate. For best performance, we advise that our Acoustic Wall Art panels are fixed to the substrate using our recommended contact adhesive products.

For further instructions on how to install our acoustic panels, please read our installation tips below.

Native Holly Acoustic Panel Acoustic Performance

  • Native Holly Acoustic Panel has a minimum NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating of 0.45
  • Acoustic Art Panels by Ordio Art have been specifically designed to reduce and control reverberated (echo) noise in building interiors

Native Holly Acoustic Panel Applications

  • Decorative and functional Acoustic Wall Covering for education, retail and commercial interiors
  • Media for creative solutions
  • Acoustic pinboard surface for education and commercial sectors
  • Modular room divider for display, privacy and sound absorption

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  • (Wall) treatment shall be Autex CubeTM from thermally bonded high-density polyester containing not less than 60% recycled material as manufactured by Autex
  • Panel 1220 x 2440 x (_)mm (nom.) depth, colour (_), sound absorption 12mm: Class D, NRC 0.45 – with 24mm air gap: Class C, NRC 0.70. 24mm: Class D, NRC 0.70 – with 24mm air gap: Class C, NRC 0.80. Fire rating ISO 9705: Classification: Group 1-S, AS ISO 9705 – 2003 Classification: Group 1, EN13501-1:2007+A1:2009: B – s2, d2
  • Fire ratings: Cube has been evaluated using the following test methods
  • SO 9705: 1993: Classification: Group 1-S Smoke production rate: <5.0m2/s As required by NZBC C/VM2
  • AS ISO 9705 – 2003: Classification: Group 1 (SMOGRArc): <100m2/s2 Assessed using methodology AS ISO 9705 – 2003 in accordance with AS 5637.1:2015, as required by BCA Specification C1.10-4 FI 4974 FAR 4055
  • VOC emissions: Autex Acoustics polyester has been tested for chemical emissions in accordance with ASTM D5116 and is considered a low VOC product. VOC concentration: 0.009 mg/m3 (7 days)
  • Colour fastness to light: Cube is suitable for indoor use only. Light fastness is dependent on use and exposure. Cube has been evaluated to the following standard: ISO 105-B02:2014 Rating: 6 (Highest = 7)
  • Install as per Autex recommendations



Product Documentation

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Native Holly by Ben Wever Photography is professionally printed onto an Autex 12mm Cube acoustic panel.

  • Decorative and functional acoustic wall covering for education, retail and commercial interiors
  • Stylish acoustic wall art for living spaces, home theatres, bedrooms, recording studios, vocal booths and podcast spaces.
  • Acoustic pinboard surface for education and commercial sectors
  • Modular room divider for display, privacy and sound absorption
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Framing option from top to bottom: White Pine, Oak, Blackbutt and Black Pine. And if you prefer, you can also opt for a frameless look.

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