SPL MC16 16-Channel Mastering Monitor Controller

The SPL MC16 is designed to monitor surround and immersive audio projects (Dolby Atmos®, Auro 3D®, etc…) in the analog domain, offering the same unrivalled quality as 120V stereo monitoring.

SPL MC16 16-Channel Mastering Monitor Controller

Sixteen buttons are used to activate the corresponding loudspeakers. The 16 inputs of Input 1 and Input 2 are routed directly to the outputs to ensures that an output routing of a DAW session always matches the routing in the SPL MC16. The buttons allow you to insert a label with the exact name of the loudspeaker.

SPL MC16 offers two 16-channel inputs to quickly compare a current project with a reference production.

This analog potentiometer is used to adjust the monitor level. We developed a 16-level potentiometer, with which we could realize the volume control in the analog domain, because we did not want to accept a digital control, which is afflicted with resolution deficits and limited dynamic range.

You can save speaker setups to three memory locations. So you can quickly call up a 5.1 or an 11.1 or a 9.1.6 configuration. In solo mode, three more memory locations are available with the same keys. For example, you can create solo groups for all front speakers and all ceiling speakers and all rear speakers.

SPL‘s goal was to push analog signal processing to the limits. That‘s why we combined the best possible components with a high-grade optimized circuit design. We have been using the in-house developed 120-volt technology – the highest-ever operating voltage used for audio applications – in all our products from the Mastering series for years. Some of the most highly respected Mastering studios today revolve around SPL consoles and signal processors from our Mastering series (Bob Ludwigs Gateway Mastering & DVD in the USA, Simon Heyworth‘s Super Audio Mastering in the UK, Galaxy Studios in Belgium, and the legendary Wisseloord in the Netherlands, for instance).

The 120-volt technology is based on op-amps developed internally by SPL‘s co-founder and Chief Developer Wolfgang Neumann. The SPL MC16 Mastering Monitor Controller features the most advanced generation of these op-amps. They boast with even better tech specs thanks to the thermal behavior optimization they underwent under the hands of Bastian Neu.
Ultimately, the supply voltage is key for the overall dynamic response of a processor. Voltage is to an electrical circuit what cylinder capacity is to an internal combustion engine:


Maximum input & output gain 32.5 dBu
Input impedance 20 kΩ
Output impedance 75 Ω
Common mode rejection -82 dBu
Frequency range (-3 dB) 4 Hz – 300 kHz
Crosstalk (1 kHz) -100 dBu
THD + N (+24 dBu) > 112 dB
Noise (A-weighted) -102.4 dB

User Manual

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