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What We Do

We specialise in interior acoustic products, custom cable solutions for broadcast, audio visual and studio applications. We operate a professional all analogue mastering facility delivering world class music mastering to clients around the globe at affordable prices.

What We Do

We are specialists in Interior Acoustics, Custom Cable Termination, Audio Post Production and Music Mastering.

Who We Work With

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Custom Patch Bays

Custom Patch Bays for recording studios, broadcast audio, OB trucks, theatres and anything in between is where Ordio Cables can assist. Almost any piece of pro audio / video equipment born with rack ears is typically housed in a dedicated 19 inch rack. The common frustration that comes with this fixed territory is not being able to quickly access the rear arteries of a system rack. Having quick, clean easy front facing access to the most commonly used connections to [...]

Quietspace 3D Acoustic Tiles

Quietspace 3D Acoustic Tiles are now available from Ordio Acoustics Within the range of the new 3D tiles there are 5 decorative acoustic surface designs to choose from. With absolutely no limits as to their applications the Quietspace 3D Acoustic Tiles are most suited for residential, education, retail, hospitality and commercial interiors. Within the realm of interior sound management, there is much confusion between sound proofing, sound dampening and sound treatment. No typical acoustic tile, panel, fabric or suspended baffle will [...]

DDP File | Why do I Need One?

DDP File For Music Mastering is always a hot topic and one that we get asked about daily. Are you releasing a single, EP or album? Do you need DDP for your next release? What does DDP even mean and why do I need one? Ordio Mastering is not only fast becoming one of Australia’s most versatile online mastering studios yet the word on the street is that we really do give a dam. Over the past 8 years we [...]


“We sent our latest single “Call On Me” to Ben Wever at Ordio Mastering, everything he did really brought our track together and really suited the song and the vibe we were going for. Unbelievable results, just so smooth sounding. It really just nails it. Awesome work, we’ll definitely be sending through some more tracks in the coming months.”

Lennie Tranter

“We did allot of research on who we should use to master our latest album as we had put so many hours in the recording process and we really wanted an ongoing relationship. Ben at Ordio Mastering was by far the standout option, with a band containing four fiddle players our sound was always going to be tricky but Ben produced results that were above expectation.”

Jennifer Blissett

“I recently received my custom TRS cables, they are without a shred of doubt the best quality cables I have ever seen or used. It’s not often that I get excited by cables but these ones are truly something else. They also come with a life time warranty, so you know it’s the best quality.”

Alex Palmer

“I received my custom SPDIF cables this morning and tried them tonight, these are the best cables I have used hands down. They have brightened and tightened up all of my sound. I’m absolutely loving them! You’ve definitely earned yourself a life long customer. Cheers again guys. ”

William Chilton