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Ordio Productions are specialists in interior acoustic products, custom cable solutions for broadcast, audio visual and studio applications. We operate a professional all analogue mastering facility delivering world class stereo and stem mastering to clients around the globe at affordable prices.

Ordio Productions Acoustic Solutions
Acoustic Solutions

Preferred supplier of Autex Quietspace Acoustic Panes, Cube, Quietspace 3d Tiles, Composition Fabrics and Ceiling Baffles. Learn More

Ordio Productions Custom Patch Bays
Custom Cables

Hand crafted audio / visual cables, multicores, looms, patch panels tailor made for any professional application. Learn More

Ordio Productions Music Mastering
Music Mastering

World class analogue music stereo mastering, stem mastering and DDP creation for artists around the globe. Learn More



What we do yet are not limited to!

Acoustic Treatment Design

Professional advise on acoustic product type and placement for any residential or commercial application.

Acoustic Treatment Supply

As Australia’s leading supplier of Autex products we are highly competitive in the supply of Quietspace Panels, Fabrics, Tiles and ceiling Baffles.

Custom Cable Termination

Custom pro audio, video and data cabling terminated to each end users unique specification including customised labelling.

OEM Cable Manufacturing

In-house cable manufacturing supplying our made to order cables to your business custom branding and packaging.

Analogue Music Mastering

Professional analogue stereo and stem online music mastering for today’s digital recording artist.

DDP File Creation

RedBook compatible sample accurate CD authoring DDP file creation ready for duplication standards worldwide.

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We pride ourselves on diversity and our extensive list of clients from a multitude of industries reflects our claim.