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What We Do

Ordio Productions are specialists in interior acoustic products, custom cable solutions for broadcast, audio visual and studio applications. We operate a professional all analogue mastering facility delivering world class stereo and stem mastering to clients around the globe at affordable prices.

What We Do

Ordio Productions are specialists in interior acoustic products, custom cable solutions for broadcast, audio visual and studio applications. We operate a professional all analogue mastering facility delivering world class stereo and stem mastering to clients around the globe at affordable prices.

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Custom Patch Bays

Custom Patch Bays for recording studios, broadcast audio, OB trucks, theatres and anything in between is where Ordio Cables can assist. Almost any piece of pro audio / video equipment born with rack ears is typically housed in a dedicated 19 inch rack. The common frustration that comes with this fixed territory is not being able to quickly access the rear arteries of a system rack. Having quick, clean easy front facing access to the most commonly used connections to [...]

Quietspace 3D Acoustic Tiles

Quietspace 3D Acoustic Tiles are now available from Ordio Acoustics Within the range of the new 3D tiles there are 5 decorative acoustic surface designs to choose from. With absolutely no limits as to their applications the Quietspace 3D Acoustic Tiles are most suited for residential, education, retail, hospitality and commercial interiors. Within the realm of interior sound management, there is much confusion between sound proofing, sound dampening and sound treatment. No typical acoustic tile, panel, fabric or suspended baffle will [...]

DDP File | Why do I Need One?

DDP File For Music Mastering is always a hot topic and one that we get asked about daily. Are you releasing a single, EP or album? Do you need DDP for your next release? What does DDP even mean and why do I need one? Ordio Mastering is not only fast becoming one of Australia’s most versatile online mastering studios yet the word on the street is that we really do give a dam. Over the past 8 years we [...]


Ben, you have nailed it, I just listened to it with fresh ears and it’s everything that I was hoping it would be. The space in the mix has been retained and everything is just at the right frequencies. You’re making us sound good over here, I very much appreciated It, sounds like a world class product.
Lucas Conway, The Remotes

“I received my custom SPDIF cables this morning and tried them tonight, these are the best cables I have used hands down. They have brightened and tightened up all of my sound. I’m absolutely loving them! You’ve definitely earned yourself a life long customer. Cheers again guys. ”

William Chilton

“We sent our latest single “Call On Me” to Ben Wever at Ordio Mastering, everything he did really brought our track together and really suited the song and the vibe we were going for. Unbelievable results, just so smooth sounding. It really just nails it. Awesome work, we’ll definitely be sending through some more tracks in the coming months.”

Lennie Tranter

“We did allot of research on who we should use to master our latest album as we had put so many hours in the recording process and we really wanted an ongoing relationship. Ben at Ordio Mastering was by far the standout option, with a band containing four fiddle players our sound was always going to be tricky but Ben produced results that were above expectation.”

Jennifer Blissett, String Loaded

“I recently received my custom TRS cables, they are without a shred of doubt the best quality cables I have ever seen or used. It’s not often that I get excited by cables but these ones are truly something else. They also come with a life time warranty, so you know it’s the best quality.”

Alex Palmer, Ten Cent Pistols

“Ben is an absolute perfectionist – a great quality to have for mastering! But he is also very versatile. I tend to write across a range of genres and the singles I’ve released range from ballads to pop to country –Ben has always been able to work his magic on them to great effect.”

Jill Riddiford, Rollerblue

“I received my custom Ordio cables from Ben. Extremely happy with product and great service when I require additional cables in future I know who to deal with.”

Rory McCann

“I spent years working on an album of my music and after all of that effort I needed someone I could trust to add polish to what I had mixed to what I thought was perfection. It is amazing what a fresh set of ‘good’ ears can do, and the results Ben achieved floored me. My album now sounded like an album, stereo imaging was better, and there was simply more life in the mastered version than my mix. Could not be happier with the results.”

Steve Lees, Crimes of Passion

“Hi Ben, Just writing to inform you that I received the cables on Friday and was very impressed. They are exactly how i wanted them and worked very well on Saturday night, so thank you very much for putting them together for me! I have a few friends who are interested in also ordering a set, so i have passed the leaflets on to them. Thanks once again.”

Brett Rolloson
“Ben has what anyone should have within them long before operating a world class mastering studio. By this I mean the ability to empathise with his clients and more or less hand hold them from start to end. He takes each project on with such passion and respect for the end result. I spoke with Ben on the phone only in brief yet it did not take long before I knew that he was completely in tune with me. It was then that I knew that we had found the right guy to make the final critical decisions with our long awaited release. Without even asking he delivered three variants of our EP tracks to show his diversity, each with his notes about the pros and cons of each version. Simply put I could not ask for more from his services, months after our first release we now have a new recording almost ready and we are not considering using anyone else but Ordio Mastering.”
Tobey Doctor, Stanley Knife

“Ben is a Quality Industry Pro with the Skills, Knowledge and Background to complete your works to an International Standard. Ben strives with passion as a musician would create their masterpiece and will work with you to complete your end product. I can definitely recommend Ben @ (Ordio Mastering) not only as an audio professional but as an inspiring great guy sharing his wisdom with a humble approach.”

Greg Mckew, Pure Habitat

I was motivated to write, which is not like me, to acknowledge my recent and first dealings with Ben Wever Ordio Productions, with a view to if he should wish to use it as some sort of client feedback recommendation, I would be pleased with that. I was originally told in passing by a mutual friend, must be a couple of years ago, that there were guitar cables that would automatically mute as they were unplugged from a guitar. At the time the news washed over me as I didn’t have a real use for them and didn’t foresee that I would for such an item.

These days however I run a weekly (plus) open mic night called Champagne Jam and it is an regular occurrence that at the end of someone’s set they would POP the lead out of their guitar before we could mute it from the desk. This obviously does the system no good. A sincere apology generally followed which I grin, bare and accept, but that didn’t solve the problem. So somehow I remembered the recommendation from the past and tracked down the source and ordered a bundle of them. Now it goes without saying that the items, that I now have, work flawlessly. That’s to be expected. They were custom made and offered along with a number of specialised options such as length, colour coding etc. Yep, the leads are GREAT. But as I say I didn’t expect anything less.

However the thing that outshone everything else was the manner and service I received from the get go right through to tracking the couriers progress on the day of delivery along with a personal call from Ben Weaver throughout that day to double check all was well. Now, honestly, I normally don’t care too much about ‘service’. I just want to order goods, pay for them online and have them arrive at my door at the time promised. But it was impossible not to ignore the care and attention I received. Not in your face like an overdone waiter in a swish restaurant. Just perfectly measured (and at times littered with good natured humour) that went with the deal. And it has apparent since that this is par for the course with this man fronting this establishment. So I can only say, if it sways anyones decision to investigate products in offer here, do so in complete faith and enjoy like I did the unexpected ride. Fair dinkum, if this man was a doctor, you’d take your kids to him.

Graeme Keavney