ATC SCM300ASL Pro Studio Monitor

Meet the ATC SCM300ASL Pro Studio Monitor: sonic perfection. With precision-engineered features like a 34mm soft dome tweeter, twin “SL” bass drivers, an “Super Dome” mid driver, and an 850W class A/B amplifier, it’s audio redefined. Backed by a 6-year warranty.

ATC SCM300ASL Pro Studio Monitor

Introducing the ATC SCM300ASL Pro Studio Monitor! Get ready to elevate your audio experience with the ATC SCM300ASL Pro Studio Monitor, a true masterpiece in sound engineering. Designed to meet the demands of professional studios and discerning audiophiles, this large format main monitor is a testament to ATC’s commitment to delivering unrivaled audio clarity and precision.

At the heart of the ATC SCM300ASL Pro lies a powerful combination of cutting-edge technology and meticulous craftsmanship. The 34mm soft dome tweeter captures the most delicate nuances, ensuring sparkling highs that bring your music to life. Complementing the tweeter are twin full spec “SL” 15˝/375mm bass drivers, providing deep, resonant bass that you can feel in your core.

But it doesn’t stop there – the ATC 75mm “Super Dome” mid driver is the bridge between these sonic extremes. It’s engineered to reproduce midrange frequencies with astonishing accuracy, adding depth and dimension to every note and instrument.

Amplifying this sonic marvel is the P4 rack-mount grounded source 850W class A/B amplifier. Immerse yourself in an audio landscape that’s powered by pure, unadulterated sound. Whether you’re mixing, mastering, or simply enjoying your favorite tracks, the ATC SCM300ASL Pro ensures that every detail is heard exactly as the artist intended.

And don’t forget peace of mind – the SCM300ASL Pro Studio Monitor comes with a generous 6-year warranty, a testament to the durability and reliability that ATC is renowned for. Crafted to withstand the rigors of studio life and countless listening sessions, this monitor is an investment that will continue to impress for years to come.

In summary, the ATC SCM300ASL Pro Studio Monitor is more than just a speaker; it’s a gateway to a sonic realm where every note, every tone, and every whisper comes to life in breathtaking detail. Elevate your audio experience and embark on a journey of auditory bliss with the unmatched precision of the ATC SCM300ASL Pro.


Drivers: HF 1.25″/34mm, Mid 3″/75mm, LF 2 x 15″/375mm
Amplitude Linearity (±2dB): 50Hz-12kHz
Cut-off Frequencies (-6dB): 25Hz, 20kHz (free standing) 20Hz, 20kHz (soffit mounted)
Horizontal Dispersion: ±80°, Coherent
Vertical Dispersion: ±10°, Coherent
Max. Continuous SPL (1 metre): 121dB
Crossover Frequencies: 380Hz, 3.5kHz
Dimensions (HxWxD): 884 x 925 x 460mm (34.8˝ x 36.4˝ x 18.7˝)
Weight: 87kg / 191.4lbs



NOTE: The ATC SCM300ASL Pro monitoring system ships with 2 x ATC P4 Power Amplifiers, details and specifications of which can be found here.

User Manual

Download the User Manual in PDF format.


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