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DDP File | Why do I Need One?

DDP File For Music Mastering is always a hot topic and one that we get asked about daily. Are you releasing a single, EP or album? Do you need DDP for your next release? What does DDP even mean and why do I need one? Ordio Mastering is not only fast becoming one of Australia’s most versatile online mastering studios yet the word on the street is that we really do give a dam. Over the past 8 years we have worked with solo artists, bands, producers and engineers from around the world and so why are people constantly being referred to us?

Well, it certainly has something to do with our new state of the art all analogue mastering studio and the very fact that we offer world class music mastering at affordable prices. But, there is more to it than meets the eye. Believe it or not, in the modern day world of online pay now download tomorrow or drag and drop ‘instant mastering’ services people still demand service. Our most reputable clients come back to us every time because they truly value the level of service, time spent and attention to detail we go to for our customers.

The artists cannot be blamed for not knowing all there is to know about the ins and outs of a commercial release. Our theory is, a true artist must keep there eye on the prize and not get caught up in the record label mumbo jumbo admin roles, it strips them of being the artist. Ordio Mastering is renowned for hand holding each and every one of our clients by feeding them with knowledge throughout the later stages of their debut or next release. If we had a dollar for every time we were asked “Hey, can you guys create a DDP file”? or… “Hey where do I get my ISRC codes from”? well, glad you asked (again) as in short DDP stands for Disc Description Protocol (DDP) and ISRC stands for International Standard Recording Code but of course you all knew that right?

Many artists get confused with why they need or in fact don’t need a DDP file. Are you releasing a physical CD, if the answer is yes then you will need a DDP file but who is still burning to CD these days anyway you may ask. You will be very surprised just how many releases are still being pressed to disc but if you are only planning on releasing your single, EP or album via iTunes or other digital e-tail outlets then you do not need a DDP file. Or, you may decide to release your single, EP or album digitally today only to find yourself in 12 months time needing to press 5000 copies of it on CD. This is where we can assist you in any which way. Talk to us to day about how Ordio Mastering can provide you with our red book DDP file creation for your next release. 

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