Analogue Stereo Mastering


Analogue Stereo Mastering

Analogue Stereo Mastering means no plug-ins, software templates or artificial intelligence. Analogue Mastering with high-grade outboard equipment adds real character, warmth and sparkle to your music. Mastering should not be a quick cost-cutting exercise whereby your mate ‘Jimmy’ processes your valuable recordings through a generic plug-in and selects the loud or ‘loudest’ preset available. Plug-ins try hard to mimic what traditional hardware offers naturally so don’t fall for the ‘sounds just like it’ syndrome.

We know all too well what it takes to plan, practice and execute the countless hours involved in recording a single, EP or album. It is with this first-hand experience we can relate, share knowledge and provide professional advice to all our customers. Our interests are strictly focused on getting the best results for every master we produce. Analogue Stereo Mastering is the best economical way to complement, enhance, mould and magnify the experienced decisions made by the mixing engineer.

However, Analogue Stereo Mastering does present some minor limitations. The ultimate way to master your music is via Stem Mastering, the process of which gives us even more control of the mix without respectfully altering the mix itself. A great mix speaks volumes within the Analogue Stereo Mastering process and usually means a lot less compromising when it comes to EQ, imaging and bottom end. A poor mix or less-than-average mix can sometimes welcome a not-so-happy medium result.

Note that it is our job to correct all that we can but the stigma of Analogue Stereo Mastering engineers being magicians is still alive and well. We advise all of our DIY recording artists to reference multiple mediums prior to sending it off for mastering. Our friendly yet very honest team at Ordio Productions will let you know straight away if we feel that your mixes are not quite ready to be baked in the oven.


  • Price is per track
  • Includes 1x mastered version per track
  • Includes 1x free 8gb USB flash drive
  • Includes digital delivery as well as flash drive
  • Excludes DDP Master Image or reference CD copy



$70 Inc GST

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