TensorGrip L32

TensorGrip L32

Introducing TensorGrip L32: Your Ultimate High-Strength Contact Adhesive

TensorGrip L32 is a high-strength contact adhesive engineered for versatile laminating applications, including edging and smooth surfaces like metal and melamine. As a proud distributor of TensorGrip products, Ordio Adhesives provides aerosols, canisters, and jumbos to various industries across Australia.


  • Quick drying with an extended open time
  • High solids formula for exceptional bond strength
  • Low odour for enhanced comfort
  • Excellent high coverage for efficient application


Directions for Use:

  1. Ensure surfaces are clean, dry, and free from contaminants.
  2. Maintain temperatures between 16°C – 27°C for optimal results.
  3. Use TensorGrip L32 with adequate ventilation. Shake the canister well before use.
  4. Attach the hose securely to the spray gun with the required tip and connect the other end to the canister. Check for leaks before spraying.
  5. Test compatibility by spraying a small patch on the substrate.
  6. Apply the adhesive evenly from a distance of 10-20 cm, covering 80% to 100% of the surface.
  7. Allow the adhesive to tack off until no transfer occurs upon touching.
  8. Press surfaces together with sufficient pressure, preferably using a roller for uniformity.
  9. Allow 24 hours for full curing.
  10. Clean the spray tip with solvents if clogged; avoid using a pin.


Chemical Technical Data:

  • Viscosity: 180 cps
  • Total Solids: 24.2% +/- 2%
  • System Flammability: Non-flammable adhesive in flammable propellant
  • Shear: > 250 p.s.i
  • Tensile (180° Peel): > 25 p.l.i.
  • Shear adhesion failure temp (SAFT): > 126°C
  • Dry time: 1-3 mins depending on temp & humidity
  • Open time: Long
  • SHELF LIFE: Long


Handling & Storage:

  • Consult Material Safety Data Sheet prior to use
  • Do not store at temperatures over 50°C or expose to direct sunlight
  • Avoid storing directly on concrete floor; always store above 15°C
  • When connected, keep valve open and hose pressurised
  • Always test adhesives for suitability prior to production use


Canister Storage & Change Over:

  • Leave the valve on the canister open; do not disconnect the hose/gun (unless changing canisters)
  • To change or disconnect canister: turn valve to off position, spray out remaining adhesive, and disconnect hose and gun
  • Reconnect hose to a new canister of adhesive. If not connecting to a new canister, flush with cleaning solvent until clear.
  • Prior to purchase, we require all buyers to download and thoroughly review the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) associated with the products. By proceeding with the purchase, you acknowledge that you have accessed and understood the information provided in the SDS.
  • Please note that once a product is opened or used, we do not offer refunds or exchanges. We encourage you to carefully consider your purchase and ensure it meets your requirements before opening or using the product. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us prior to making your purchase.

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